Commercial Plumbing

We offer a fully managed commercial plumbing and project management service for our clients. Astro Plumbing’s commercial services include backflow services, emergency plumbing services, faucet repair, toilet repair, and commercial pipe services.

It doesn’t matter what industry your business operates in – whether you’re a restaurant, working in retail, healthcare, or whatever industry you’re in, an emergency with your plumbing can lead to lost productivity, revenue, and time! By working with us, you will no longer have to worry about lost business due to an unexpected problem.

When it comes to commercial plumbing services in Newport, nobody is more reliable and experienced than Astro Plumbing. We fix all sorts of commercial plumbing problems and serve all types of businesses. Our plumbers are professionals and highly qualified. From a little toilet leak to backed up sewer lines and emergency flooding – there is no problem that our plumbers haven’t fixed.


Our Commercial Plumbing Services Include:

  • Backflow Services: sometimes, dirty water can flow back through clean water lines, which is a big problem, especially as it leads to the contamination of drinking water. You can ensure that your company’s drinking water is free of contamination with our backflow prevention service.
  • Emergency Plumbing Services: no business wants to temporarily close due to plumbing emergencies. Doing so can put your business’ ability to function at risk and lose out on revenue. Our plumbers are available around-the-clock to aid you in your call of emergency.
  • Faucet Repair: you may find your faucets to be broken, leaking or in need of maintenance. Our commercial plumbing technicians can help fix and get your faucets back to working condition.
  • Toilet Repair: Our qualified plumbers can help fix toilet leaks, unclog toilets, and repair damaged tanks and bowls. Due to technology advancements, we are now able to advise you on how to install eco-friendly, low-flow toilets.
  • Commercial Pipe Services: If your sewer lines are damaged, cracked or corroded, get in touch with us and we will devise a plan of action to fix issues with your commercial pipes. We will also advise on how to keep your pipes in good condition to prevent further damage to your property.


Our Plumbing Process

When we start a project, we follow a simple, yet effective process to ensure that our services are delivered successfully and in good time.

Step 1: Start with a free estimate:
Call us now to get your free estimate. Once done, we can even provide a same-day service and come to your home for emergency situations.

Step 2: Agree to service pricing:
When we’ve agreed on a price, we can then proceed to identify your plumbing issues. Furthermore, we will then build and follow a plan for a fix.

Step 3: Track your progress:
Finally, our plumbers will schedule a visit to your home. You will be frequently updated on what’s currently happening, and what needs to be done.

With a growing clientele, Astro Plumbing has continued to branch out throughout South Wales. We cover the big cities such as Newport, Cardiff, and Swansea and also the smaller towns of South Wales.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible local plumbing services for our clients. Therefore, we aim to build healthy client relationships and are always ready to assist in emergency situations.


To learn more about our commercial plumbing services and what we can do to help you, please call 07734 382198. You can also email us at


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